588 BERNIE copy_v6.jpg
Bernie Sanders Supporter #216,
Yvonne copy.jpg
Hillary Clinton Supporter #492,
Phillip copy.jpg
Bernie Sanders Supporter #195,
Cheryl 139 BERNIE.jpg
Bernie Sanders Supporter #190,
Clement copy.jpg
Hillary Clinton Supporter #261 and #262, Gabrielle and Mthobisi copy_v2.jpg
Donald Trump Supporter #050, Aryanna copy_v3.jpg
Donald Trump Supporter #347,
Michael copy.jpg
Donald Trump Supporter #423,
Nick 397 BERNIE copy_v2.jpg
Bernie Sanders Supporter #210,
Donald Trump Supporter #342,
Tapang copy.jpg
Donald Trump Supporter #710,
Mary copy.jpg
Hillary Clinton Supporter #478,
Aqil copy.jpg
Donald Trump Supporter #354 and #355, Eric and Emily
Hillary Clinton Supporter #270,
Oriana copy.jpg
Bernie Sanders Supporter #225,
Sameeta copy.jpg
Donald Trump Supporter #306,
Kevin copy.jpg
Donald Trump Supporter #347,
Lilly copy.jpg
Bernie Sanders Supporter #198,
Bridget copy.jpg
Hillary Clinton Supporter #256,
Nate copy.jpg
Donald Trump Supporter #418,
Grace 713 BERNIE copy_v3.jpg
Bernie Sanders Supporter #230 and #231, Mia and Roslyn copy.jpg
Hillary Clinton Supporter #467,
Alex copy.jpg
Hillary Clinton Supporter #288,
Willie Mae copy.jpg
Bernie Sanders Supporter #239,
Ray copy.jpg
Hillary Clinton Supporter #252,
Alaina copy.jpg
Hillary Clinton Supporter #259,
Sonoki copy_v2.jpg
Donald Trump Supporter #685,

All images for “Shots at the Rally” are made on location at rallies, debates, and organizing events during the 2016 presidential primaries. While straightforward in its description, the title calls attention to the unprecedented violence and manic media coverage that has come to define the 58th presidential election cycle.

Supporters symbolize their candidate as much as the candidate embodies those who back them. These vignettes reveal the power, psychology, and dialogue the presidential hopefuls employ in order to gain access to endorsement. “Shots at the Rally” makes visible the voters who are reshaping American politics. Each portrait is critical to understanding the nominee, their target demographic, and ultimately, the conversation America is having - or not having, but needs to be having - with itself.